Sakai Tools

Sakai offers a variety of tools for use in course and project sites. The following is a list of key Sakai tools you can add to your site, followed by a list of tools integrating with third party products. Check the Sakai Help for a more comprehensive list of tools. Click on the tool link to get a more detailed overview of the tool. 

  • Home - View recent announcements, discussions, and chat activity
  • Announcements - Post current, time-critical information
  • Assignments - Post assignments, receive submissions, and grade assignments online
  • Chat Room - Participate in real-time written conversations
  • Drop Box - Allow private file-sharing between instructors and students
  • Email Archive - Maintain an archive of all email sent to the site's email list
  • Forums - Engage in written conversations, not in real time
  • Gradebook - Compute, store, and export grades; release to students for review
  • Lessons - Create or select course material stored in Resources, Assignments, Forums, or Tests & Quizzes and present these items with supporting rich text and multimedia on a Lessons page
  • Mailtool - Email all or selected participants of a site
  • News - Display an RSS feed from an external site
  • Polls - Post single question multiple choice survey questions on your site
  • PostEm - Upload and distribute a comma-delimited (CSV) spreadsheet to present individual feedback and/or grades to students
  • Profile - Lets users customize their profile and make public personal information
  • Resources - Add documents and URLs to your worksite
  • Roster - View site participants along with their names, profiles, and photos (if available)
  • Schedule - Keep track of important dates and deadlines on worksite calendar
  • Site Info - View worksite profile and participant list
  • Statistics - Allows instructors or site owners to collect and view site usage statistics and user activity events
  • Syllabus - Create an online worksite syllabus or add a file attachment of your syllabus
  • Tests & Quizzes - Create, administer, and correct tests and quizzes online, and automatically feed the results to the Gradebook
  • Web Content - Include external website content in your site

Sakai Integrations

Beyond the core tools, Sakai provides integrations with several other teaching and learning tools that can be enabled within course and project sites in Sakai:

  • Turnitin - Web service for reviewing originality of work, detecting plagiarism, and validating citations; integrated into Sakai Assignments tool.
  • Clickers - Turning Technologies clickers can be integrated into assessments as a Sakai tool to enable importing clicker session data for attendance and assessment.